Feed Me Games! (FMG!) was created by Jason and April (usually known as Jay & Ape) because we wanted to create a dedicated tabletop gaming social network.

We got fed up with having accounts on Facebook, Instragram, Reddit, Yahoo, Wordpress, Blogger (Google), and Twitter, just to get the gaming fix we wanted.

So we thought "Why not put it all in one place for people to use?".

So that's what we have done, and welcome to FMG.


1. Social feed

Just like on Facebook & Twitter, you can share text, images, videos, memes, and (unlike) Facebook & Twitter, you can share files (zip, doc, pdf). Chat, comment, like, dislike.

Follow people to get their updates in your feed.  Plus, you can become friends and control so only friends can see some content.  The best of Twitter and Facebook together!


2. Groups

Create or participate in groups.  Want to start a group for you rules, club, a game system, a painting showcase, whatever - be our guest!  We will need groups and group admins!

Groups can be public or private, allowing you to only allow certain people in, or allow the world to view the content.

We have created two groups and will be running those, "The Painters Guild" and "Global Opponent Finder", but for new groups, well, those are up to you to create!


3. Pages

Promote your event, club, site, whatever, using a dedicated page, just like facebook pages.

Create any link you want to you can clearly point people to feedmegames.com/mypagename!


4. Blogs

Create a blog in seconds by adding a new blogpost.  You can upload a cover image and also link directly to images and videos to appear inside the blog post itself.

Publishing posts it into your feed, into the category for people to find, and you can share the blog post URL on social media and forums.

More readers, more interaction, less effort to get it!


5. Events

Create an event and tell people what you're doing.  Could be a Twitch feed, Kickstarter, website sale, club day.  Whatever it is, you can publicise it using a unique link, and people can click to say they are interested/attending.


6. Promote

If you want to promote a company or service, you can:

Create a page

Create events

Publicise in your feed

Create a blog

Boost pages and posts (requires Supporter account)

Use the Pay Per Click Ad Manager*


*Available inside every member account, upload banner adverts and display them in the social feed on the site.