Advertising on FMG! is easy and fast. You can also benefit from PAID advertising and FREE advertising.



Every member account has access to an Ads Manager page where you can set-up an advertising campaign in minutes.

1. First securely checkout using Paypal to add funds to your advertising balance.

2. Create a campaign, upload your banner, add headline and body text, allocate money from your balance to that campaign, and run.

3. Choose between PPC (Pay Per Click) or Adviews for each campaign.

4. Stats for each campaign update in real time on the ad manger page.

5. Pause and re-start any campaign you want. No having to beg to admin to do it for you.

6. Add or edit funds allocate to each campaign.



We are offering 1 annual sponsorship slot, a great chance to invest in a potentially large growth for a whole year.

The advert position is at the bottom of the site above the footer, and will display on EVERY page, so visible to every single visitor.

No limits on views or clicks, and only your banner displaying there.

Please get in touch via the contact page to discuss.



Gaming is about grassroots promotion.  Of course we need money to survive, so starting a small paid advertising campaign will help :)

But the heart of FMG is about organic sharing of gaming information.

So everyone has the following free advertising options:

1. Create a group to discuss your products or services.

2. Create a page to promote whatever you want and discuss it.

3. Promote yourself through your own account feed and images.

4. Promote things through your discussions.

5. Create an event to promote a sale, introductory offer, product launch, whatever.

Now obviously we ask that you act with respect when using our free promotional channels.  Don't spam, don't be relentless, and please contribute as well as benefit.

But generally, promote away, it makes our hobby more innovative and responsive.


Easy advertising, where you are in complete control.


If you need help, you can visit our support center to read more about advertising, or to open a support ticket.