How To Blog On Feed Me Games

In this blog post, we explained why we think blogging through FMG could be better for blogger and readers.

So how do you blog on FMG?  Let's get you up to speed in 3 minutes with our quick guide!


1. Create A new blog post

Every member of FMG can create a new blog post easily by clicking on the "My Blog" link in their account, and then hitting the "Add new blog post" button on the page that shows their existing posts.


When you hit the add new blog post button you will then get taken to the editor screen, where you can write you post,and add a cover image that will appear at the top of your post and in listings on FMG.

Then all you have to do is select the relevant category to post your blog content to, and hit Publish.  Easy!


2. Add Images To Your Post

One limitation of the blog editor we use is that you cannot directly upload images through it.  You have to click the add image button and paste in the image URL.

But that's easy, because you can upload the images in your FMG account:

1. Upload the image by posting it into your feed or into a group.

2. When posted, click on the image. On a desktop/laptop you can get the image URL by right clicking and copying the image location:

3. On a mobile device, you can get the image location by holding you finger down on the image and selecting "copy image location" from the pop-up (on Android, but similar on iOS).

Then paste the image URL into the image box:



3. Other Ways To Add Images

You can also paste external URLs into the image box.

If you have an existing blog, you can usually click on an image to be taken to the URL which you can paste.  Or within the admin panel you can visit the image and get the permalink to it.

2. Alternatively you could upload your images to an image pasting service. does not even require an account.  Just upload, copy the DIRECT URL LINK, and paste it into the image pop-up box.


4. Viewing & Sharing Your Blog

Whenever someone views your profile on FMG, or reads a post they will see a link to your blog homepage.

Your blog homepage is the shareable URL on which all your blog posts will be displayed.

Your blog homepage URL will be:


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