Spirit Of FMG

We have the usual Terms and Privacy pages, which are full of legal talk and really boring stuff that most people never bother to read. But I also wanted to write a few words in "plain English" about the sort of environment we are hoping to create on FMG.


I don't want to turn this into a stick to beat people over the head with, and most of it should be common sense, but some of it will hopefully help to smooth over problems and disagreements on this social network.


1. Please keep your posts mostly about tabletop gaming

It's fine to post now and again about non-gaming topics, politics, your pet dog, soccer, anything you want that isn't offensive or illegal. But please remember this is a tabletop gaming social network, not Twitter or Facebook.


People following you will *mostly* want to hear about what you are painting, buying, planning, and how your games have gone, not your opinion on Trump, Brexit, or climate change, nor endless photos of cats.


It doesn't matter how valid the opinions are, if you are constantly banging on about something that has nothing to do with tabletop gaming, attacking people around that topic, or just generally being unreasonable, then the mod team will step in and politely ask you to focus more on tabletop gaming topics.


We certainly don't want to stifle free speech, and talking about equality and diversity within gaming, politics within a gaming, anything within the context of tabletop gaming is fine. Champion your cause, be open and honest, but be aware that not everybody feels the way you do, or is here to have those opinions pushed on them.


We mostly want people to be here for the gaming, so please keep things balanced.


2. Show respect for other members.

They may not be able to paint well, but you don't have to ridicule them for it. They may love XXXX game system, and just because you don't, it doesn't mean you have two set out to destroy every post they make about that game system.


People don't agree all the time, and sometimes just don't get on.  And that's fine.  But please conduct yourself politely and with respect during disagreements on FMG.


It's really common sense. Treat people the way you like to be treated, show respect, be polite, and don't be a douche.


3. Respect differences and individuality

Racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic or ableist posts will not be tolerated.​ Basically anything you deep down know will offend.  Please use your brain before you type.


FMG is an inclusive social network for tabletop gamers. It doesn't matter who you are, or where you are, if you are passionate about gaming, we would love to have you here.


Nobody should be judged for who they are, and we will certainly keep a very close eye out for individuals to do not believe that gaming is a universally inclusive hobby.


4. Advertise but please be respectful

We want this to be a place for grassroots promotion.  Create a page, group, event, a blog, promote whatever you want.


But please don't spam other members.


And from our point of view, if you're using our platform to promote your own venture, we would obviously hope you'll return the favour in some positive way, even it it's just a Tweet to say you're here.


What we don't want is someone using FMG to try and get people to use/move to their forum/site, while contributing nothing and maybe even criticising FMG as part of that strategy.


If you do that then please don't be offended if we show you as little respect as you've shown us. People will see what you're doing and judge your integrity accordingly.



5. Help us create a great tabletop gaming social network

Any social network is only as good as the people on it, and the people policing it.


If you see a problem, click on the drop-down at the top right hand side of that post, and report it. We can then look into it.

If you really have a problem, open a ticket on the helpdesk (click the support link at the bottom of the site), and we can talk to you in more detail about the issue you have.


And finally, please remember that Jay and Ape, and other mods running the site should also be treated with that same level of respect and courtesy, even when discussing an issue with us that you are upset about.


Enjoy yourselves, and good gaming!