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So.....What can you do on Feed Me Games?


1. Blogs

Every member account has a blog ready to go.

Create a blog post in seconds, add images, a cover image, add tags (hashtags that appear when people search and that can rank in the hashtags box on the main page).

When you publish it, the blog post appears in the blog post feed, as well as in your own personal feed. 

Instant readers!  Far easier than having to mess around in isolation on wordpress.com or blogspot.com and then having to try and drum up visitors!

You'll also get your own blog homepage, so people can visit your blog just like an external blog.

wargaming social network

To read more about starting a blog, or using an existing blog with us, click here for our blogging guide.


2. Your Personal Feed

A feed like Facebook and Twitter, full of just gaming content from people you are friends with, or who you just follow. 

Following like Twitter, friends like Facebook.  The best of both worlds. But crucially, free from the noise of general social media streams.  Less cats, trump and Brexit, more games. So you save time as well.

D&D social network

No character limits, hashtag use, nested comments so you can keep track of the conversation. A better personal feed for more in depth gaming chat.

No tailored timeline, no hidden content, nothing changed or filtered.  The people you want to connect with in your feed in the right order!


3. Groups

Create a group about a gaming topic you love, or join groups started by others.

In FMG groups you can also share files, and if you embed a pdf or doc link from an external source, it will display live in the feed.

Groups can be public, private, or completely hidden and invite only.

Perfect for collaboration.  Planning a campaign?  Put all your files and maps and briefings in the group for others to read and discuss!

Create a group using your own tailored URL, so you can promote your group and be found.

Appoint admins, boot people out, have control.

warhammer social network


4. Sharing & Finding

Sharing and connecting are at the heart of social media, and it's really easy using our powerful sharing and search tools.

Sharing is done via single box in the feed, which opens a pop-up that allows you to share to external social networks AND share internally to your feed AND groups plus pages, at the same time.

tabletop gaming social network

Searching is also easy.  You can use the search at the top of the site, and click on trending hashtags to see content.

On every user profile you also get to see their about text and the games they love to play, giving you a quick way to see who you want to follow.

Easier than on Facebook, and more in depth than on Twitter.


5. Promote With Events

It takes moments to create your own dedicated event page. perfect for shows, sales, or live streaming.

Tell people the date and time. Add details about the event.  Give it a header image and event photo.

Each event can have a unique URL name, a location, and other details people will need. 

A dedicated event landing page you can update, and then share anywhere to keep people engaged.

People can even click to show their interest or attendance, so you could use events to organise games.

Rather than expecting people to find your updates in Tweets, you can post your updates into the event feed, text, images, files, maps, whatever.

One page to promote and update everyone about your event from.


6. Pages

Just like an event, you can create a page to talk about any topic and share it from a dedicated, relevant URL.

Just like on facebook, you can use a page to promote anything you want, or to dicuss a certain topic in one location, when a group would be overkill.

But the beauty of our pages (and events) is you can also paste in your live stream. 

So you can promote you live stream by using the page to update people on when and what, and also paste in your stream URL and pin it to the top of the page (or event) so when you go live...people can watch and join you from right inside FMG!


7. Control & Support

If you're worried about control over your personal information, don't be.

We are GDPR compliant, have a DMCA policy, and a full support center complete with a ticket heldesk.

You can manage your account from within one simple screen:


Is That All?

Nope, there is loads more inside FMG, but part of the fun has to be discovering your own way of using it.

We have lots of plans for great gamer tools and options, but we can't do it without people using the site.

No point in spending thousands $$$ if people sit back and say "I'll wait until it's busy..."

It will never be busy if everyone sits on their hands.

So please sign up - it takes literally one minute - make some friends and post some content.

Tabletop gamers have never had anything like this - a dedicated social media home - so please support us so we can support everyone.


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